A Tip From DUI Attorney Michael Munoz

20161028-8F2I8011-139.jpgIf you have been convicted of a DUI in Arizona  you already know how serious the consequences are.  Specifically, the amount of mandatory jail and the high fines and fees are enough to make most people very careful to not drink and drive.  Unfortunately, there are times when people still make the same mistake and are arrested for a 2nd DUI.  A second DUI conviction in Arizona can cause the suspension of ones drivers license and much high mandatory jail minimums.  But, a second DUI conviction pales in comparison to being charged and convicted of an Aggravated DUI which can be a class 6 or class 4 felony in Arizona.

The most common Aggravated DUI in Arizona is a class 4 felony that stems from a person being arrested for DUI while their drivers license is suspended, canceled, revoked, or restricted.  This charge can be prevented if a person is diligent in making sure their drivers license and privilege is valid before they drive their vehicle.  As a former DUI prosecutor I saw many cases where a person was convicted of a DUI  and completed all of their court requirements but never reinstated their drivers license with the MVD.

If you are convicted of a DUI in Arizona or have other issues with your drivers license you should take immediate steps to to get your drivers license reinstated.  A valid drivers license could prevent you from being charged with an Aggravated DUI and potentially keep you from getting convicted of a class 4 felony that has mandatory prison if convicted.

DUI Attorney Michael Munoz, Munoz Law Firm P.C.


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